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Must parents' dreams for their children be dashed by campus dangers

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Must personal character and convictions be sacrificed to gain an education


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An open letter to parents

To put a child on a public school bus or to deliver that child to a public school is becoming more and more frightening to more and more parents every day.  Many would like an alternative with a safer and more successful outcome.  But, for many a viable alternative is out of reach.

KingsPointe Schools wants to find a way to help.  Obviously, we can’t solve all of these problems, but within the scope of our abilities, we have determined that we will provide help for as many families as possible who desire to educate their children with distinctly Christian curriculum and in a distinctly Christian environment.  And, we will do it at as affordably as possible.

KingsPointe Schools is now entering its 16th year.  Throughout these years, we have been largely unknown to the community.  That was by design.  We have no desire to be the largest or most “successful” school in the area.  We are not trying to build a school; we are trying to build kids.  So, in the past, we have largely limited enrollment to Faith Bible Fellowship (FBF) members in good standing.  And we have done this tuition free or nearly so.

We know there are many parents who want just as desperately as any of us to see their child grow up with high moral standards and a good education.  We want to help if we can.

But, we must be clear and honest.  We do not tolerate poor behavior.  Our students know the boundaries and happily live within them.  We do not want to change that. 

Therefore, this school is not for free spirits who choose their own direction.  But, it can be helpful to kids who want an good education and to parents who struggle to know how to best protect and educate their kids.

Our curriculum and academic model is Personalized EducationPersonalized Education means that each student is taught at his or her particular academic level and with the goal of each student achieving his or her personal best. 

Virtually all education is via the computer and the student is studying on his own or is receiving one-on-one tutorial help as needed.  The teacher is not just a diseminator of information, but a facilitator of learning.  In essence, the student is learning to learn, a skill he will employ for the rest of his life.

All students are required to pass quizzes and exams with grades of “B” or better.  Our years of experience have shown that students can do that within a short period of time after enrolling.  Our graduates have been readily accepted into the colleges of their choice.

We use America’s foremost, individualized Christian curriculum.  This kind of individualized curriculum is the preferred method or the growing envy of schools around the country, including public schools and colleges.  The hindrance is usually seen as the cost of technology and the lack of teachers trained in this kind of education.

We have been blessed to have modern facilities, significant technology, and caring teachers who are trained to employ this academic style.

To help families who are growing increasingly fearful of government indoctrination of their children, KingsPointe is expanding its program to help in four ways:

  • On Campus Schooling - Our campus is located in Travelers Rest, SC.
  • Online Schooling – A family may choose to educate its children at home using our teachers.  This is a sound program and works well when parental discipline requires that the student remain on task during school hours.
  • Traditional Home Schooling – A family chooses to home school their children but feels the need for help in some subjects.  Such a family may employ KingsPointe to assist with individual subjects.
  • FBF Membership and nearly free on-campus education – For sixteen years, we have been reluctant to publicize this option because we do not desire to interrupt a family’s relationship to good churches.  But, if your family is in transition regarding your church relationship, and you share our vision for well-educated youngsters who hold fast to their moral and spiritual convictions, we invite your inquiry or visit at your pleasure.

If you would like to explore the opportunities at KingsPointe, we would encourage you to call.  But, an early response would be advised since school opening is near and the available openings are limited.


Jim Cannon

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